United Progressives Release Joint Statement Regarding Tax Day

United Progressives Release Joint Statement Regarding Tax Day

Guttenberg, NJ, Release: April 15, 2019. For Immediate Release

On Tax Day, New Jersey’s wealthiest residents are filing their taxes without paying their fair share. A coalition of Assembly candidates, known as the United Progressives, have come out in favor of the “Millionaire’s Tax” proposed by Governor Murphy, because the burden of taxation should be felt the same by every resident. We must all contribute to a fairer society.

Researchers from Rutgers University and Fairleigh Dickinson University found that 72% of NJ residents are in favor of raising taxes on households making more than $1 million annually. Working people like ourselves help fund public services for communities in NJ such as schools, roads, and transportation and other vital programs. The working people of New Jersey have been left to pay for more in higher property taxes, higher tuition at state colleges, and higher tolls and fares for commuters. Aside from the EDA being “ mismanaged” under the Chris Christie Administration, it is safe to say that this same administration cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations. While we cannot currently control the federal tax code, we have a duty to represent the working class and advocate for tax code reform on a state level. New Jersey is considered the 9th highest state for income inequality and our campaigns are heavily-geared to combat this inequity.

Enough is enough. The United Progressives stand with other progressive leaders to bring awareness and support to the “Millionaire’s Tax” proposal. The “Millionaire’s Tax” is the first step into undoing the damage done to the hard-working people of NJ. This concept of tax fairness does not fall within the scope of party, or political ideologies, but moreso it is a matter of addressing systemic inequity.

New Jersey’s middle class continues to get squeezed and forced to leave the state due to rising taxes. We need a society that works for all of NJ’s residents, not just the millionaires.

The United Progressives consists of the following candidates:
  • Ron Rivers, LD-17 Assembly Candidate
  • Jill LaZare, LD-21 Assembly Candidate
  • Awais Qazi, LD-29 Assembly Candidate
  • Steven Farkas, LD-30 Assembly Candidate
  • Mahmoud Mahmoud, LD-32 Assembly Candidate
  • Roger Quesada, LD-32 Assembly Candidate
  • Most of the United Progressives are challenging incumbent Democrats in the 2019 primary elections.
Election day for the Democratic primary is Tuesday, June 4, 2019.

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