Our Revolution NJ Endorses the Quesada Mahmoud 2019 Campaign

Our Revolution NJ Endorses the Quesada Mahmoud 2019 Campaign

Our Revolution NJ

The New Jersey chapter of Our Revolution, a Bernie Sanders inspired political action and research group, has officially endorsed the Quesada Mahmoud 2019 campaign for the June 4th Democratic Party primary elections.  Mahmoud and Roger are challenging a system of status quo, politics-as-usual, where the people have often been neglected in an exclusive, insider system. Bernie Sanders inspired a movement of people to not accept the status quo and offers ideas that are far from the mainstream. Young people have been stepping up and running for office across this country and Roger Quesada and Mahmoud Mahmoud plan to be the next wave on June 4th to unseat incumbents Angelica Jimenez and Pedro Mejia.  

“To win elections, the Democratic Party needs a bold progressive vision -- and candidates who are willing to fight for it.”  - OurRevolutionNJ.org

This is exactly what the Quesada Mahmoud for General Assembly campaign is all about - a bold progressive vision and we certainly are ready to fight for what’s right. Our slogan, People. Transparency. Action. we feel is the right formula for the kind of change needed in Hudson and Bergen county. The mission of Our Revolution is to “Support local progressive candidates and other activist groups that are dedicated to bringing transformative, progressive change to our politics, our environment, and our daily lives by bringing transformation to the Democratic Party”, and that’s what we intend to do.

Our Revolution will provide logistical support where possible to grow the reach and impact of the Quesada Mahmoud campaign. Together with the political network of this grassroots progressive movement, the intention is to build a movement to win this campaign all together. The Quesada Mahmoud Campaign teaming up with Our Revolution New Jersey, will partner to reach and inspire more people to take collective action to make a change in the political process.


Mahmoud Mahmoud and Roger Quesada for NJ General Assembly They are running because they think the people of NJ need working class champions of environmental, social and racial justice in order to thrive. They want to embolden voters to take collective action on the things we all care about through transformational change in government.

For more information, visit www.pta2019.us, www.facebook.com/quesadamahmoud, and www.instagram.com/quesadamahmoud/

Election day for the democratic primary is Tuesday, June 4, 2019.

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